St Emily De Vialar

St Emily de Vialar

Full name: Anne Marguerite Adelaide Emily de Vialar

Canonisation date: in 1951 by Pope Pius XII

Feast day: june 17

why I chose her: because she cared for people and children and that really stood out to me and even though her mother had passed away she continued to shine

Born in Gaillac, France, in 1797. She was the daughter of Baron James de Vialar and Antoinette de Portal. She was educated in Paris, but left school at15 after the death of her mother. Life with her father was hard, especially when she didn’t want to marry. For 15 years she taught poor children and care for the sick from their home. In 1832, when Emily was 35 years old, her grandfather died and left her his considerable fortune. With this money Emily bought a large house in Gaillac, she and three companions began the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition They dedicated themselves to the care of the sick and the needy and to the education of children. Emily’s group soon spread to Algeria, Tunisia, Greece, Malta, Jerusalem, and the Balkans, when she finally returned to Gaillac in 1845, by the time of her death in 1856, she had 40 houses around the world, from Europe to Burma to Australia.r

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